We must not deceive ourselves. Some people know how to code terrific applications as if by magic. For others programming is practically a closed book. But here steps in AppYourself, an innovative company from Berlin, which has as its sole objective a mobile application for everyone!


Łódź, as a city of four cultures, was developed from the very beginning by business people of different nationalities, including but not limited to German entrepreneurs. And because, according to the journalists of National Geographic Traveler, OFF’s atmosphere resembles that of Berlin, Ben Heisch, the founder of the startup AppYourself, felt at home in the former Ramisch factory. The company which Ben started in the capital city of Germany is dynamically developing its Łódź branch, helping among others clients from Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, France and Brazil to exist in the world of mobile devices.


The company operates primarily through its website:, which lets everyone create and configure by themselves their own mobile applications. Programming? One does not have to be good at it. The application creator consists of ready-to-use modules; it is all you need to transfer your business to the virtual world! Ready-to-use applications, made available in Apple and Google Play stores, allow users e.g. to quickly and conveniently look at the menu of a restaurant and book a table for a romantic evening, make an appointment with a hairdresser or dentist or find the nearest customer service office. It is truly a do IT yourself system!

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