This is basically a second home for many people. The cultural program of the club is born out of the passions and interests of five personalities – the Founding Fathers of the club.


DOM [Home] was one of the first initiatives when OFF Piotrkowska Center was born. The club was opened in 2011, and it quickly evolved into something more. The active attitude of the team, consisting of leaders of the underground scene of Łódź, created a place brimming with ideas and initiatives. Concerts, parties, screenings, multimedia shows, DJ tournaments and skill competitions, literary evenings, second-hand fairs, poetic jams, dancing parties, meetings, lectures and discussions are only some of the events offered by DOM. The raw, post-industrial interiors of the club are never limited to a single style, idea or model of entertainment.


The former warehouse building of the Ramisch factory is currently a space that combines a night club, cinema and music club; combining the functions of a cultural center and a bar with food. The place was founded by five Łódź musicians: Wiktor Skok, frontman of the Jude band, audiovisual artist, stage performer and DJ; Kuba Wandachowicz, member of the Cool Kids of Death, Tryp and NOT bands; Robert Tuta (NOT, Agressiva 69 and Tryp bands); Marcin Byczewski vel Eddie Rebel and actor and showman Witold Munnich, who is also a musician in the “X” band. The originator of Spółdzielnia Socjalna Ogniwo, which created the DOM club, was Jakub Szczeciński, better known as Rebus, one of the first DJs in Łódź. DOM is an inclusive and multi-faceted initiative, gathering the passions and talents of the people mentioned above as well as many of its daily patrons.



every day in the summer:
from 1:00 PM until the last guest

every day in winter:
from 5:00 PM until the last guest

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