GOOD TASTE FESTIVAL - OFF Piotrkowska Center

The biggest and most delicious culinary festival in the city. Together with its younger sister – the “Łódź Enjoys the Taste of Independence” event – they are two most highly anticipated culinary events in Łódź.


The Good Taste Festival has an entrenched position among the festivals in Łódź. It is the oldest culinary festival in Poland (since 2003), which has already found a number of imitators nationwide. The festival is constantly evolving. New projects are being created to accompany this annual event. Cuisine is clearly a part of every nation’s culture, and it is not any less significant than other arts. That is why the organizers decided to combine cuisine with music, dance or painting, as a way of presenting the tradition and culture of different nations. The primary element of the June edition of the festival is the contest for the best dish, dessert and alcoholic cocktail prepared specifically for this event. The winners will receive a Good Taste statue at an official ceremony. The five days of the restaurant owners’ efforts to meet the demands of festival-goers will be quite a challenge. Crowds of food lovers will visit restaurants, cafés and pubs to try the best food in Łódź.


This is a new project of the Good Taste Festival. Instead of a march, laying wreaths and politics. The joy of regaining independence can also be celebrated in a different way – by respecting and enjoying the Polish culinary tradition served with a modern twist. Proudly made in Poland! Restaurants prepare the dishes with goose meat – the most valuable and characteristic tastes of Polish cuisine – but there is also something for the vegetarian crowd. In November, we will be celebrating the tastes of the national cuisine and enjoy traditional Polish goose meat, apples and cider.


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