Karolina Treller's paintings and graphics, inspired by everyday life, seduce with their energy and form. In her art studio, art lovers and beauty seekers can find original, off-the-shelf paintings, but the artist – while maintaining her own style – also creates on individual orders.

Inspired by everyday life

A visit to Karolina Treler's studio is an invitation to the extraordinary world of an artist who, when creating, is inspired by the beauty hidden in the details of everyday life. Nature, city noise, the cracked walls of tenement houses, simple, sometimes banal beauty - all this can be found in Karolina Treler's paintings. They determine the form, colors and texture of specific works - paintings, wall graphics and murals, including those created to order.

Gesture painting

Spontaneity of brush movements, saturated monochromatic colors and irregular structural masses creating delicate natural shadows. These aspects perfectly define Karolina Treler's favorite artistic direction - abstract expressionism. The artist focuses on unconventional solutions, mixes techniques, structures, and uses light-reflecting elements, all to make each painting unique and have a significant impact on the recipient.


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