The primary business of this company involves cooperation with individual clients all over Poland, and recently also in the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Belgium, Spain and United Kingdom. When working with the clients, the designers try to meet their expectations while also breaking away from conventional modes of thinking about interior design. Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska, the founder of the studio, designs in the style she knows best.


Honesty to herself and to the client, she says. 'We do not design “everything”. I only design interiors that are consistent with our aesthetic sense, and I design them in the same way I would like to have them designed for myself. Only then do I feel that I have truly offered top-quality service. Passion. Without it, work is not satisfying, and the designs lack depth. It is inspiring for me to simply watch, touch and create beautiful things, and my greatest joy is when I am able to realize my clients’ dreams. Quite often, there is some genuine emotion in that moment…'


For many years, she has worked with the media as an expert (“DDTVN” – TVN, “Moje Mieszkanie”, “Dom i Wnętrze”, “Dobre Wnętrze”, “Domosfera” website), and is the co-author and host of the TV show about interior design “Pokojowe Rewolucje” for TVN, a columnist (“Moje Mieszkanie”) and set designer (“Pokojowe Rewolucje” on TVN, “Fabryka Gwiazd” on Polsat and “Szał Ciał” on MTV). She has held press conferences, given lectures and conducted training for the following companies, in particular: ICI Dulux, Stary Browar, Festiwal Wnętrz, Dobre Wnętrze (during the Łódź Design Festival). Her passions include creative design, photography and graphic arts. Recently, she has been deeply involved in work on the Association of Interior Designers (Stowarzyszenie Architektów Wnętrz, SAW), which she has co-founded. Privately, she is the mum of Ola, Jasiek and little Lou.



Mon–Fri: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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