SPILLO MEDIA GROUP - OFF Piotrkowska Center

Modern business solutions. Advisory services, event organization, marketing, PR, special projects. Not enough? Plus branding, social media, press office, media monitoring, websites and applications. Spillo combines all of these areas of expertise together in one place.


It is a group of creative people with vast experience in many areas. Spillo’s motto is a strong attention to customer care, and an individual approach is the most important aspect of work. Such an approach creates a friendly atmosphere and ethical cooperation, which translates into the quality of projects we carry out and services we provide. Spillo team shares knowledge, explains current trends and offers assistance, thereby facilitating all kinds of online and offline promotional and sales activities.


Spillo specialists are engaged in providing advisory services in respect to image building, branding, marketing, public relations, media monitoring, and creation of websites and applications, as well as social media. The team’s task is to provide professional assistance in creating non-standard work plans opening up new opportunities in the market. Spillo supports its clients in communication and organizes campaigns intended to approach recipients. It provides professional knowledge and expert skills in respect of modern solutions in the broadly defined business arena, supporting the development of companies and institutions.


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