Tamizo Architects is an independent design practice specializing in architecture and interior design. It also offers services relating to industrial design, graphic art and urban planning.


Honesty and simplicity are the features the Tamizo team appreciate most in their designs. However, they know that simplicity at its best requires absolute perfection. That is why they put particular emphasis on details and carefully selected materials. Tamizo Architects believe in the power of authentic, natural materials, such as stone, concrete, wood and glass, whose unique properties help in creating a space that does not succumb to convention or the destructive effects of time. The timeless effect is further emphasized with carefully selected lighting – one of the key aspects of every good design. By focusing on the lighting of the designed space, Tamizo Architects are able to control it, creating a suitable mood and arranging its individual areas in accordance with the individual requests of the project owner.


Years of experience and successfully resolved issues have led to the creation of a proven design methodology, revolving around the constant examination of the relationship between form and function. When they think about the form, they always wonder how it affects the function and how the function is, in turn, affected by the form. An open mind and perfect understanding of the design process allow them to come up with interesting, bold and frequently unconventional concepts. Why do they value simplicity? Because – in the words of Leonardo da Vinci – “simplicity is the highest form of refinement”. Tamizo Architects are comfortable with their minimalist approach, and they believe in the power of solutions that are simple but not necessarily easy. Their functionality is the perfect complement to the style and form of the design.



Mon–Fri: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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