BinarApps is a dynamically growing software house from Łódź, specializing in tailor-made Internet and mobile applications. The company is created by talented, passionate people – their services are sought after both by new start-ups that want to conquer the world and large corporate clients from areas such as FinTech, IoT, Health, Media/Video or Big Data.


Adam and Maciej, the founders of BinarApps, have built their success by gathering the right people in the right place. Their team has been consistently expanded, and it now includes over 70 specialists who handle projects at any development stage with skill and a smile. The creative combination of talent, expertise and experience is the secret that enables BinarApps programmers to perfectly understand the client’s business and then design and implement the perfect, customized solution. This includes both projects started “from scratch” or situations where the software house has to work with existing code.


Adam and Maciej believe that true quality can only be born out of cooperation. As they easily navigate their way in business echelons, the specialists of BinarApps quickly find a common language with their clients to ensure smooth integration into their structures, as an extension of the corporate teams or even as technical directors. Many of the company’s current clients engaged BinarApps at a very early stage of their development, and they continue this successful collaboration to date. It is proof that Łódź programmers are not only skilled at coding but can also listen to others and help them achieve success!


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