Co\Walk HUB

Mission on Co\Walk HUB is to provide an ergonomic space for learning, development, and building business relationships.


Open space limits your creativity, and a tight cubicle inhibits the development of your company? Everywhere is good, but in the home office... not necessarily? Let's walk together! Within the walls of a former cotton factory, you will find a unique place to work, learn and develop for you and your people.

Activity at work is not only about agile methodologies or mobile technologies. That's why, with us, you can put both your ideas and your muscles in motion! The unique ergonomics of the space combine the possibility of individual and team work with the organization of meetups or business meetings, and thanks to the sports equipment available on site, your team will be energized throughout the day!


Co\Walk HUB is a crossroads of local IT communities, creative entrepreneurs, mentors and investors, which offers a great opportunity for freelancers, startups and scaleups from the TECH industry. The bustling heart of the city opens up new opportunities for you every day, promoting the sharing of knowledge, mutual support of projects and building long-term contacts.

Are you an HR specialist or manager in a larger company? Do you conduct activities in the area of employer branding? Or maybe you are responsible for knowledge acquisition and technology transfer? We have something for all of you! Send your team to an atmospheric space for some time or become our official partner and gain access to new, intriguing paths for the promotion and development of your company.

Co\Walk HUB


Mon-Thurs: 08:00-17:00
Fri: 08:00-14:00
For Members: 24/7

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