Those who like to stand out and do not want to take part in the pursuit of fast fashion will find everything they need here. High-quality clothes, carefully selected and long-lived, so that fashion can be combined with responsibility for the environment and for people.

Iconic Vintage Store

Sugar Powder Vintage Store is an iconic place, distinguished by in the ranking of the best vintage stores in Poland in 2019. The place was created by Kasia and Agnieszka. They ensure that the carefully selected clothes are made of the highest quality possible. Many of them were produced in completely different conditions than what is done now.

Zero waste fashion

Cukier Puder (Powdered Sugar) Vintage Store takes something that was created many years ago and gives it new life. In the brand's philosophy, vintage is quality, not quantity. And value - because clothes are timeless and wearing them is ethical. Choosing vintage or second-hand clothes is a simple way to climb to the top of the zero-waste pyramid by following the fundamental principles of this ideology: "refuse" - give up what you don't need, "reduce" - limit your needs, "reuse" – use repeatedly, “recycle” – return for reprocessing.


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