In today's labor market, successful recruitment is becoming increasingly difficult. Unless, that is, you use the help of Ekwator experts who support the process of employing temporary and permanent workers and offer services to assist the legalization of stay and work of foreigners.

Legalization of stay and work in Poland

In a foreign country, it is difficult to fill out forms, applications, wade through complicated regulations and not make mistakes in official matters. Therefore, Ekwator, acting on behalf of companies and employers, takes on the burden of completing all formalities related to the employment and legalization of employees in Poland.

Where does the name come from? The word "ekwator" means parallel. And Ekwator's employees care equally about meeting customer needs and an individual approach to each case.

Recruitment, search for employers and employees

Ekwator searches for new jobs and for people willing to fill these positions. It helps employers who are looking for foreign employees with specific competences and skills, and when it finds them, it legalizes their stay and work. Ekwator does this so effectively and professionally that clients frequently and gladly return, granting power of attorney to handle further matters, and recommending Ekwator to friends, family members and acquaintances alike.


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