A cult spot for any football fan, managed by an ex-footballer himself, Zbigniew Karolak. One of the first pubs in Łódź, opened in 1995.


After ending his football career, Zbigniew Karolak decided to open a place where you could still enjoy some good old sports rivalry, have a beer with your friends and talk about your common passion. The Football Pub quickly became the favorite meeting venue for former players, activists, referees and other groups closely associated with the football world. Soon, it became customary for the patrons to bring items related to their favorite team. How many such items are there in the pub? No one knows the exact answer to this, not even the owner – but definitely more than three hundred. Come and try to count the impressive collection of scarves from all over the globe.


Zbigniew Karolak wants the scarves to unite fans instead of dividing them. That is why the Widzew scarf was hung next to the scarf of ŁKS, the Rangers scarf is right next to the Celtic scarf, Inter is right by AC Milan, and Manchester United can be seen next to the City scarf. What else unites the fans? Beer! There are two types of beer on tap: always Żywiec and a second beer, depending on the latest trends in the brewery industry. There are also snacks aplenty, including roasted sausages, chicken wings and the specialty of the house: “Butcher’s Sausage”. Drop in to find out how it tastes and to learn the story behind the name.



Mon–Sun: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM


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