Emotions evoked by sport are the greatest when they are experienced together with those with whom we share a passion. Football Pub is a place with a unique design and a true football atmosphere created over a drink, transcending club divisions.

What unites us is football and... scarves!

Historic photos, an impressive collection of scarves from over three hundred football clubs and a sporty decor create a place where every fan - regardless of their affiliation - will feel  at home. Here, Widzew's scarf hangs next to ŁKS, Rangers next to Celtic, Inter next to AC Milan, and Manchester United next to City. There is also one unique scarf - connecting both clubs in Łódź, because the owner's dream was always that club scarves would connect fans. And he does it brilliantly.

The oldest place at OFF

The Football Pub has been uniting all football lovers since 1995. It is run by former RTS Widzew footballer Zbigniew Karolak. You can feel the unique atmosphere of this place from the very entrance. Everything here encourages you to watch and experience matches and other sporting events together over a drink. There are also snacks and grilled delicacies. This is where former players, referees and the rest of the football community converge.



Mon–Sat: 11AM to 10 PM
Sun: 11AM to 8 PM

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