It is not true that children are afraid of hairdressers; many hairdressers are afraid to cut children's hair. But not Fryzjerek.
Its crew is a team of professionals with huge hearts, a daring sense of humor and excellent skills.

Scissors superheroes

Their task is: to cut your hair, make you smile, improve your mood.

Standard hairdressing chairs have been replaced by a boat, a car and a roller skate, from where you can watch your favorite cartoon while getting a haircut.

Fryzjerek offers children plenty of attractions that will make their visit to the hairdresser a pleasant memory forever.

Family salon

The salon was created with children and their parents in mind, and its colorful interior is a space of adventure and fun. It gives parents a moment of respite from everyday duties as specialists take care of their children, but also an opportunity to put themselves in the hands of specialists, because the hairdresser offers haircut packages together with the parent. Customers without children will also be served!



Mon–Fri: 9 AM to 5 PM
Sat: 9 AM to 1 PM

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