Grupa Pracuj

Grupa Pracuj supports enterprises in recruitment, retention and development of their staff, it helps candidates find the right job enabling them to make full use of their potential.


Hiring the perfect candidate is a complex process, which is why we support recruiters and employers in selecting recruitment tools to make it easier for them to hire the most suitable employees. At OFF Piotrkowska Center, a team of experts will guide you through the process of publishing job advertisements on, the most popular job offer website, which is actively used by almost 60,000 employers, making several dozen thousand job offers available every day. And if you are looking for employees for the IT industry, you will be guided through the:protocol website, which connects employers with employees from the technology sector. The platform provides support in preparing highly detailed advertisements so that they reach candidates actually interested in a given project.


Grupa Pracuj is also about sharing knowledge and integrating the HR industry. It makes it easier for employers to share inspirations and has been organizing the most important events for recruiters for many years, e.g. the HR Challenges conference. To shape the modern HR market in Poland, it creates a number of educational materials, reports and e-books that are invaluable help in the everyday work of recruiters.

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