A line of unique furniture, lamps, fabrics and accessories. NAP experts pick the best products of domestic and international manufacturers to create their own furniture and textile lines. The tagline and governing principle of NAP is: “Back to Craft”, i.e. top-quality products, materials and respect for the work of human hands.


NAP was born out of a passion to create home spaces designed in harmony with nature, allowing you to take a break and relax in a comfortable environment. It is a solution for people who keep on arranging their homes for many years, carefully picking each product and deliberately creating their very own space. The company works with brands that offer timeless products representing top-quality workmanship. Such aesthetic consistency and reliability are the trademarks of Jensen beds and mattresses, Harmony and Libeco bed linen and NAP’s own product line: Take a NAP as well as DCW éditions lamps: Gras and Schottlander, which are distributed exclusively by NAP.


NAP is first and foremost a factory that produces things made in accordance with the principles of “natural thinking”. Products made at the NAP WAY workshop combine classical features in the form of subdued design and minimalist aesthetics with more modern twists, manifesting in freedom from conventions and use of functional solutions. The colors of NAP products resemble the colors of the earth, and their design is both distinct and functional. As its name suggests,,the company places great emphasis on the comfort and quality of sleep, making beds and sofas that are perfectly customized to the individual needs of the clientele. The textiles sold by NAP are recommended for bedrooms, living rooms and any other interiors where you would like to create a pleasant, cozy atmosphere. NAP also promotes the #lesswaste idea, which is increasingly present in our lives and which manifests in the selection of top-quality products made of natural materials that can serve their purposes for many years to come. This idea was the inspiration behind the reNAP line – unique accessories made from scraps of leather used to make furniture.



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