An artistic atmosphere and a combination of good, local tailoring with an original vision of fashion that does not follow trends. Natural, high-quality fabrics are combined with recycled materials. The PtASZEK brand is a proposition for those who appreciate the true beauty of clothing in fashion.

Original fashion in the slow rhythm

Monika Ptaszek, designer and founder of the PtASZEK brand, lives and creates in Łódź. She has been designing for over two decades, and she decided to use the experience gained in collaboration with various companies to create her own brand and original collections in which she masterfully intertwines high tailoring with the ZeroWaste trend. She does not chase trends and is a believer in slow fashion, i.e. buying fewer clothes, but good quality ones. She focuses on individual projects, celebrating the beauty of natural fabrics, most of them produced in nearby factories, and her creations are made thanks to the work of local tailors.

The energy and spirit of Łódź

Atelier PtASZEK is a studio combined with a showroom. Limited edition clothes with an underground vibe are created in the heart of the city, at OFF Piotrkowska Center, a place with the energy and spirit of textile Łódź. The atelier is a meeting place for the designer's friends and clients, the collection is presented on metal structures, and new clothes are created at the back of the studio at a huge table. Huge windows and the light coming through them fuel life in the atelier, from sunrise to sunset, providing inspiration and the desire to create. Monika is a graduate of SAPU, a clothing design school in Krakow. She has participated in the Łódź, Lisbon and New York Fashion Weeks.



Mon–Fri: 9 AM to 5 PM
Sat: 9 AM to 1 PM

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