Here, under one roof, technology meets nature, thanks to bold visions and a passionate team that wants to change the world. All this to use solar energy for a sustainable, emission-free future.

A pioneer in the solar energy market

SunRoof is an international startup that is revolutionizing home power supply and enabling decentralized energy production. It inspires a balanced and comfortable lifestyle, without having to compromise. Every day it realizes the vision of a zero-emission future. SunRoof is definitely more than a roof - it is an entire ecosystem of solutions, including solar roofs, facades and SunPort photovoltaic shelters, as well as innovative energy management technology. The startup aims to create a virtual power plant and build the largest network of connected solar roofs in the world.

Change the future with us

SunRoof is created by people full of passion, ideas and aspirations to switch the world to green energy. After their success in Sweden, they began global expansion and opened a Polish branch in Łódź. They are also developing at a record pace in Germany and the USA. Together with brave innovators and roof experts, they have developed the innovative SunRoof 2in1 - a beautiful and ecological solar roof that ensures safety and freedom to use everything electric. Tomorrow's technology allows you to build smart, energy-self-sufficient houses, housing estates and cities, and provide clean energy for transport.



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