Improvised theater is imagination and spontaneity. For the performers - an acting challenge requiring attention and concentration, and for the audience - always new, vivid emotions, even if they have seen a given title hundreds of times. Thanks to the magic of improvisation, a theatrical community is created.

The power of improvisation

Nothing happens twice here - each performance is a premiere, unique and unrepeatable. Why? Because the Teatr Komedii Impro (Improv Comedy Theater) in Łódź is the first stationary theater dedicated to the art of improvisation. Actors create their performances here and now, in front of the audience. Before entering the stage, none of the actors knows exactly what will happen next. This is determined by the suggestions of the adult or child viewers of each performance and the imagination of the actors themselves. The actors mainly choose affirmative, positive proposals, thanks to which the performances have a literary and theatrical character and are intellectual fun.

Fun and respectful

The performances of the Impro Comedy Theater are spontaneous, intelligent and crazy, but always created with respect. The group does not accept religious or political suggestions from the audience or those that could offend the viewer in any way. The repertoire includes: "IMPRO Atak!", "Improvised crime story", "Werewolves - improvised horror", "Romantic comedy", "Musical comedy, i.e. the story of a certain band", "It will be or it won't be, i.e. the unwritten works of Shakespeare ", "Invention - an improvised fairy tale".


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